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2018 GIRFEC & Child Protection -  Learning & Development Opportunities

GIRFEC Reflective Learning Open Educational Resource 

This reflective open-access learning resource has been developed on behalf of the GIRFEC Improvement Group and provides a basic summary of key topics including the National Practice Model and National Risk Framework and links to guidance, templates and resources.

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An Introduction for Getting It Right For Every Child

Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect

Introduction To Multi Agency Child Care & Protection

Understanding Chronologies and Risk Assessment / Practice Development Workshops

Caring For Vulnerable Children

Getting It Right For All Children; Implementing The UN Guidelines For The Alternative Care of Children

Child Sexual Exploitation Briefing

Child Sexual Exploitation Workshop

Child Protection and Disability - eLearning

Child Protection and Disability - Managers Course

Child Protection and Disability - Practioners Course

Joint Investigative Interviewing Training

Corporate Parenting Learning Hub

Children 1st - Multi-Agency Supported Practice Sessions

Social Services Learning Links

SSSC Registration

SSSC Step into Leadership

Institute for Research and innovation in Social Services (IRISS)

Continuous Learning Framework (CLF)

Social Services Knowledge Scotland


Angus and Dundee City Council Newly Qualified Social Worker  - Child Protection Learning Resource

This learning resource is for Newly Qualified Social Workers in Angus Council and Dundee City Council and forms part of induction for NQSW working in Children and Families Services. If you are employed as a NQSW in Angus Council or Dundee City Council you will have received information about NQSW Child Protection Practice Development Workshops. Please contact Wendy Hinnie in Angus or Gillian Ferguson in Dundee if you have any queries regarding these workshops or this online learning resource.

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Please let us know about any National or Local learning links on Protecting People issues that you would like added to the framework:  or telephone 01382 307511