PPLWD How To Use Framework

How To Use The Framework

This Framework is not about every workforce member attending formal training. It is about reflecting on what the workforce is being asked to do to protect people and for workers and managers/supervisors and carers to identify learning and development opportunities that will enable them to carry out their duties and responsibilities to the required standard.

The first step is to consider the definitions for each of the workforce contact groups, general, specific and intensive. Once you have decided which Contact Group a member of your staff falls within, you will then see what is considered to be a baseline of competencies, knowledge and skills that workers in this group are expected to have to enable them to meet their duties and responsibilities to protect people.

A reflective discussion with staff members should then take place which identfies which of the competencies, knowledge and skills they can demonstrate they already have. This process will also identify which Learning and Development activities individual members of staff need to access to ensure they meet the required level of competency.

By selecting the competencies, knowledge and skills that you require, appropriate learning resources will be identified along with further information and a calendar of events.

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